14 Feb 22


Codock was a term used to describe Cockatoo Dockyard while I worked there as an apprentice from January 1981 to 1986. I was 16 when I began the journey and [&hellip

22 Feb 22

Eyesight. Snapshot live

Snapshot perform Eyesight live in Coburg studio January 2022.Camera by Chip and Annette Clair. Background colour morph with archival films from The Prelinger Archive.A film about senses and being alive. [&hellip

15 Feb 22

Codock. Snapshot live

Snapshot performing Codock in my Coburg studio January 2022. Two wall projections and six screens in the Long Box. Mark Tallon adding vocal, samples and manipulating turntable. Chip W playing [&hellip

15 Feb 22

Moon. Snapshot live

Moon contains stock fire images which I added digital effects to, a rotating moon loop which I downloaded from the Prelinger Archives then made transparent in the black areas. The [&hellip

27 Jul 20

Pipe Dreams

Music and video by Chip Wardale. Created with tubular bells, gong, ratchet, violin, fretless bass guitar and sandpaper. Blended footage from a redundant gas refinement plant within Beijings 798 Art [&hellip

02 Mar 20

Cockatoo Island: Heavy Shop 1

Wardale 014 Synthesiser, mig welder and fabric testing machine. I made this piece originally for one of my six mirrored video enclosures built for a collaborative project with Paul Irving, [&hellip

05 Apr 19

Stress In The Jaw

Stress In The Jaw was written, recorded and filmed in 2017 at Chip Wardale studio in Coburg, Victoria. Mark Tallon, Andrew Garton, Chip Wardale. Stress In The Jaw can be [&hellip

04 Apr 19

Out Of Mind

Out Of Mind was written, recorded and filmed in 2017 at Chip Wardale studio in Coburg, Victoria. Mark Tallon, Andrew Garton, and Chip Wardale. Out Of Mind can be heard [&hellip

03 Apr 19

The Epistle of St Paul (Thanks Winnie)

This music was written and recorded for a performance by Sun-Bus-5, an ensemble featuring myself and Andrew Garton with an assortment of other musicians. In 2012 we created a show [&hellip

03 Apr 19


Hammered dulcimer, fretless  5 string bass, syngong Filmed in East Yorkshire and Paris in 2006. Wind turbines are both calming and disturbing. They harvest power on the remnants of farmland, [&hellip

02 Apr 19


Hammered dulcimer, breath into bottle, warped turntable, money in jar, frame drum, synth. Music written and recorded by myself, film created by Adrian Symes. The piece Harvest was made in [&hellip

01 Apr 19

That Doubt

Cabasa, gong, singing bowl, 5 string electric bass, lyre, a handful of small bells. It took a ridiculous amount of time to finish this piece. I created a solid stripey [&hellip

31 Mar 19

Like A Bad Dream

Two synthesiser parts, two turntable manipulation parts, sound effects ripped from three films and effected and/or looped, a section from a song by Discharge titled Religion Instigates, and a live [&hellip

30 Mar 19

Internal External

Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, synth, speaking computer. A dark ambient electronic composition created after a reflective journey to Europe in 2006. Images and lyrics that consider aspects of our internal dialogue. [&hellip

29 Mar 19


Hammered dulcimer, 5 string fretless bass, frame drum, warped turntable, synth Filmed in north and central Thailand 2010. My usual unsubtle use of metaphor sledges home the quandary of the [&hellip

28 Mar 19


Hammered dulcimer, 5 string fretless bass, electric guitar, warped turntable. I binged on the Prelinger Archive vaults over a couple of months, watching dozens of archival films from 1917 to [&hellip

27 Mar 19


Hammered dulcimer, 5 string fretless bass, warped turntable, music box, synth heart beat (of course) Another wierd mash up, artschool wig out, set to the dulcit tones of Black Ambient. [&hellip

26 Mar 19

Altered Landscapes 1: and the stuff we leave behind

Part I:  old pair of highhat cymbals,  plastic bowl filled with marbles,  electric guitar,  synthbass, synth,  congas. Part 2:  bass guitar, electric guitar, synth,  tambourine, drumkit played by Brian Helmkamp. [&hellip

24 Mar 19

Altered Landscapes 2: spaces and lives in transition

The soundtrack was recorded by Adrian Symes using vinyl records (TS Eliot’s The Wasteland 1971 and The Nun’s Chorus 1969) on 2 vintage portable turntables, mixed with several tracks from [&hellip

22 Mar 19

Altered Landscapes 3: living in the carbon cycle

Autonomous Black 004 Paul Irving: metal percussion Chip Wardale: electric drums, mix and edit. Living In The Carbon Cycle is the third installment in the Altered Landscapes series of collaborative [&hellip

18 Mar 19

The Perpetual Light Machine Installation and Performance Aug/Sept 2014

The Perpetual Light machine was first conceived by Paul Irving in 2012 and was built largely in a Brunswick studio by Paul and Chip during 2014 culminating in the installation [&hellip

30 Jun 16

Intimate With Machines

Words from Chip Between 1981 and 1986 I worked as an apprentice Fitter and Machinist at Cockatoo Island shipyard in Sydney Harbour. I had just turned 16 and found myself [&hellip

13 Feb 12

Happy Days

Wardale 011. How happy we are in our grand illusion. It’s all just fabulous isn’t it? Sure, nasty things happen in life right, but good wholesome folk tend to get [&hellip

12 Feb 12


Wardale 011 A whole bunch of tigress action here. The Thylacine footage comes from Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart (long since closed), the reputed last survivor before extinction. The circus footage [&hellip

11 Feb 12

The Fine Line

Wardale 010 Ludicrous collection of archival vintage erotica juxtaposed with sausage production and kiddy stranger-danger awareness films, assembled in a grid of glorious cliche. No need to ponder here, its [&hellip

10 Feb 12

Flotsam Prison Blues

Wardale 009. Stupidity in Melbourne. This film started out as a kind of revisit to music/film clips our band Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk made in the mid 80’s in Sydney, combined [&hellip

09 Feb 12

Silverhill Firepole

Wardale 008. Firepole created at Silver Hill, Cygnet, Tasmania by Che. Created in the afternoon and set alight that night. Soundtrack features music and chant by the Gyoto monks

08 Feb 12

Concerning Elements

Wardale 007. Improvised soundtrack created live by myself with Adrian Symes, Mark Tallon and Andrew Garton. Documents the creation of 4 paintings by Adrian. We are concerned about the elements. [&hellip

07 Feb 12

Through Claires Would

Wardale 006. Documentation of the painting Through Claires Would by Che in his Collingwood studio. Follows the process from stretching canvas to completed work. The piece has a cousin in [&hellip

06 Feb 12


Wardale 006. Electronic composition, Tina Aldridge plays keys on part 1 (falls) and 4 (bats). Third part in the Queensland trilogy. This 4 part piece describes the need to escape [&hellip

05 Feb 12


Wardale 005. Solo electronic composition with field recording. Second part of the Queensland trilogy. Falling into a rhythm of commuting to a job every day, and pursuing relaxation or entertainment [&hellip

04 Feb 12


Wardale 004 Solo electronic composition. The twittering twitching invertebrate sound is a chorus of scissors and knives. First of a trilogy made in the year I lived in Queensland, 2005. [&hellip

03 Feb 12

I Am A God

Wardale 003 Electronic composition for pop art music video. I learnt editing software before I had a video camera, by creating mash up films, via hired video tapes and a [&hellip

02 Feb 12

Guns n That

Wardale 002 Electronic composition for pop art music video. An obsession with violence, and a satisfaction gained through the observation of other peoples misfortunes, are both present in tales of [&hellip

01 Feb 12

Fuck That Hero

Wardale 001 Electronic composition for pop art music video. One of five video remix projects using superhero characters. This series was made in 2005-2007, and followed on from an earlier [&hellip

11 Jan 12


Alchemy 010. Tina Aldridge: Celtic harp, vocal, synth. Chip Wardale: 5 string fretless bass. A finale of mountain vistas and sunsets from the Tarkine wilderness in NW Tasmania. The area [&hellip

10 Jan 12

When The Tide Turns

Alchemy 011: Tina Aldridge: hammered dulcimer, synth. Chip Wardale: Appalachian dulcimer, 5 string fretless bass, all percussion, field recording. The western edge of the Tarkine wilderness is among the most [&hellip

09 Jan 12

In Wonderment

Alchemy 009. Tina Aldridge: synth, piano, hammered dulcimer. Chip Wardale: Appalachian dulcimer, field recording. Additional field recording added by Joe Shemesh. Native fauna of the Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania. The [&hellip

08 Jan 12

River Journey

Alchemy 008. Tina Aldridge: Celtic harp, keyboards. Chip Wardale: fretless 5 string bass, all percussion, synth. Wild rivers. The Tarkine wilderness in Tasmanias North West is bounded by the Arthur [&hellip

07 Jan 12

Song Of Asru 2

Alchemy 007. Tina Aldridge: synth. Chip Wardale: sequencer, field recording. Lush temperate rainforests in Tasmanias Tarkine wilderness. This piece is part 2 of 6 from a suite titled Visions of [&hellip

06 Jan 12

Song Of Asru

Alchemy 006. Tina Aldridge: synth, piano, vocal. Majestic images of the Tarkine wilderness in North West Tasmania. This piece is part 1 of 6 from a suite titled Visions of [&hellip

05 Jan 12

Mountain Air Valley Mist

Alchemy 005. Tina Aldridge: lyre, syth, piano, vocal. Chip Wardale: frame drum, sequencer, field recording. Additional field recording added by Joe Shemesh. Spectacular cinematography of Cradle Mt NW Tasmania by [&hellip

04 Jan 12

Blu Move 2

Alchemy 004. Tina Aldridge: improvised piano. Chip Wardale: synths, sequencer, field recording, sampling. I carefully selected phrases from Elvis Presley recordings and looped them to create a constant flow of [&hellip

03 Jan 12

An Iniquitous Action

Alchemy 003 Tina Aldridge: Hammered dulcimer, Chip Wardale: synths, sequencer, field recording, sampling. Created from images on slide film for back projection during live performance. Images are from San Fransisco, [&hellip

02 Jan 12

Search For Sacred

Alchemy 002. Tina Aldridge: keyboards. Chip Wardale: synthesiser, blown bottles, field recording, sampling. Opening track on the 2002 Alchemy CD Portals. Exploring ideas concerning an obsessive need for sacred elements [&hellip

01 Jan 12

Hallowed Ground

Alchemy 001. TinaAldridge: Keyboards A short track from the Alchemy CD Portals (2002). Images shot on black and white slide film, sequence designed for back projection during performance. Guardians of [&hellip

03 Dec 11

Nyuk 3: Nuns Piss

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk 003 This film features our deceased mate Paddo. Daryl Cameron. Good bloke from Mt Druitt. Music written and recorded by Adrian Symes at our house in Leichhardt, [&hellip

02 Dec 11

Nyuk 2: Conan

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk 002. This ridiculous film sees Conan attacking the good folk of Sydney atop the Marketown shopping complex in Leichhardt. We convinced Drazan to dress as the fearsome [&hellip

01 Dec 11

Nyuk 1: Table Talk

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk 001. Table TalkDo you want some dead fish?……no kapishDo you want some dead bird?……whats the wordDo you want some rat stew?……..no thank youTable talk Lyrics by Adrian, [&hellip

02 Nov 11

Anti Hierarchy: Don’t Conform

Anti Hierarchy 002. The lyrics and music of this piece were written by Tony Cardinal in his house at Five Dock in 1982. Tony is a fantastic drummer and this [&hellip

01 Nov 11

Ant Hierarchy: Conscription For The Young

Anti Hierarchy 001. Brett Sonter wrote the lyrics and music to this song in Mt Druitt late 80 or early 81. Brett was killed Christmas Eve 1981 in Sydney, grappling [&hellip