Sun Bus 5 is a collaborative music and production collaboration between Chip Wardale and Andrew Garton. In 2012 the pair enlisted musicians Steve Law and Kate Adam, and projection artist Hugh McSpeddon to create the performance The Light Show for Melbourne Fringe Festival. A resulting CD/DVD produced in limited edition, as well as information on the artists, music samples, package ordering and downloads can be found here through  Secession Records. Video footage here as a trailer for The Light Show.


The image below links to a music video titled The Epistle of St Paul (Thanks Winnie!) written by Chip Wardale with improvisation by Kate Adam on shawm, from The Light Show CD

Epistle still

In 2013 Sun Bus 5 enlisted synthesist Steve Law, guitarist Chris Natoli and Mike Rudd vocalist/guitarist of Spectrum to create a performance at Hurstbridge Hall in Victoria. Andrew and Chip created a set and projections for the event. Cardboard boxes from a previous exhibition by Andrew were arranged around the performers 2m tall and strewn about the projection zone. The projection zone was filled with textural and evocative slide and video images, and utilising the old hall stage like a giant light box behind the performers. The music was structured improvisation with the exception of a slow moody rendition of Spectrums 1972 song ‘I’ll Be Gone’. Recordings of some or all of this performance may become available at some stage through Secession Records.

Sun Bus 5 will continue to create recorded music works and live performance.