Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 10:12 am

Wardale 006.

Electronic composition, Tina Aldridge plays keys on part 1 (falls) and 4 (bats).

Third part in the Queensland trilogy.

This 4 part piece describes the need to escape the work-play pattern. The routine can lead to a feeling of despair by many, yet the remedy can often be simply a reconnection with the natural world.

The falls here represent a feeling of being on the edge, about to fall. Gliding into the unknown.
Rainforest almost invites you to lay down and be consumed, dissapearing into the digestion of the forest itself.

Travelling removes familiar surroundings and provides a kind of solitude. Movement seems to encourage reflection, and concerns dissipate into oblivion. A river journey, travel by horseback, or a long walk. Any of the meditative forms of travel may provide answers.

Sure enough, it will all be OK. A return to form is just a breath away. Consult the solitude then return to the pattern. The pattern is good.

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