Alchemy 96-04

alchbwAlchemy existed from 1996 to 2004 and was principally a music composition and performance duo consisting of Chip Wardale and Tina Aldridge. Based largely in Tasmania, the duo released five commercially available CD releases and three limited edition recordings, as well as scores of unreleased music for various projects. Alchemy were a favorite for festivals throughout most Australian states performing intimate concert sets, multimedia performances or street/market performances. Alchemy maintained a circuit of street performance at some of Australias best outdoor markets, busking and selling their CD releases. Alchemy also held residencies at several resorts for up to six months, and were booked weekly for weddings (often the ceremony as well as reception), corporate events and community events.

Tina Aldridge is a pianist who diversified to become a harper, then explored her musicality with lyre, hammered dulcimer, voice, synthesiser and cello. Chip Wardale brought electric bass (fretted and fretless), percussion, electronics and field recording into the musical mix and was largely responsible for recording and production. Alchemy composed acoustic and electronic ambient and contemporary music. Largely instrumental compositions, and often featuring guest collaborators.instruments1

Alchemy recorded and released recordings for use on soundtracks for theatre and film projects.

Alchemy collaborated with writer/wilderness photographer Martin Hawes to produce the touring multimedia performance The Island. Also with cinematographer Joe Shemesh to produce the award winning film Mountain Air Valley Mist. With writer/photographer Bernard Lloyd they produced the multimedia festival performance Falling Mountain, and with artist/musician Adrian Symes the multimedia performance New Dark Age.

There are a number of short music videos on this site that represent a long collaboration with Joe Shemesh, including Mountain Air Valley Mist featuring stunning images of Cradle Mt, and When The Tide Turns featuring equally stunning images of Tarkine Coastline. An example of the electronic ambient music of Alchemy is Blu Move 2.

Examples of Alchemy music can be heard through the above links, or through Chip Wardales Soundcloud site.