Unperturbed is an album for people who have faced a trying time and survived, emerging wiser and optimistic. There’s a fair bit of anguish in being human. It’s a necessary part of the journey to realising a version of a full life. Look into the abyss, go in if you must, but make sure you can clamber back out. Stepping in may well be worth it. If through circumstance you are forced to enter, then I wish you well. Be a survivor.

The music was created by layering improvised parts, each previous part informing the latter, building up until I’m satisfied that the moods and textures paint the atmospheres I’m after. I use acoustic and electric instruments with very few effects. Also field recordings and sounds generated from non traditional instruments, tools or anything that makes an interesting sound.

Unperturbed can be streamed, or acquired via download or CD from Bandcamp. Click here

The images below link to Unperturbed music videos.

Guilt                                                                Faith                                                                Harvest

guilt stillfaithstillharvest2

Pulse                                                                That Doubt                                                             Wired


Pipe Dreams