Autonomous Black

paul-chip still 1

Autonomous Black is the collaborative music/performance and visual art of Chip Wardale and Paul Irving.

Autonomous Black utilise vast experience in mechanics and metal fabrication to construct sculptural objects, musical instruments and devices. Deconstructed instruments, electronics, machinery and warped turntable, add to a sonic palette used to create musical performance art. With a penchant for abrasion, subtlety and atmospheres, Autonomous Black weave industrial textures and rhythm.

Autonomous Black create site specific music in natural, urban and industrial locations. Using these performances as a means to gather a collection of audio and video recordings to create musicvideo works.

Altered Landscapes 3: living in the carbon cycle, is the most recent music video by Autonomous Black.

Autonomous Black created a major installation for Incinerator Arts Complex, Melbourne in August/September 2014 titled The Perpetual Light Machine.

Check out the installation and performance.


Check out Intimate With Machines, the video installation within The Perpetual Light Machine