Recent music and screen art produced by Chip W. Mark Tallon adding turntable, samples and vocal. Performing in venues in and around Melbourne, with a view to venues and events further afield.

Chip W produces music via programming in Ableton Live and adding bass guitar. This is then used to cut screen art films in DaVinci Resolve Studio. These can be projected on a single or multiple screens, while also replicated on either the Long Box, a unique enclosure 3m long containing six small LED screens, or Twin Boxes where two upright boxes with 3 LED screens in each stand either side of the performance.

The Snapshot live films below, show Mark and Chip performing live in Chips Coburg studio.

Snapshot can perform in a variety of venues. Equally as comfortable in a hard rocking band venue as in an art gallery or any indoor/outdoor event. Can be completely self contained if required.

Each piece in the Snapshot repertoire is indeed a snapshot of various philosophical and cultural ideas and observations. Snapshot work with a mood and general aesthetic informed by the industrial and post punk music and art digested since the mid 70’s. Both Chip and Mark have been keen exponents of these art forms since teenagers and have a wealth of experience performing in challenging bands including their current post punk groove band Rat Kangaroo (with Andrew Garton)

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Codock was a term used to describe Cockatoo Dockyard while I worked there as an apprentice from January 1981 to 1986. I was 16 when I began the journey and I was thrown into an industrial institution where the young boys were taught the mechanical craft initially by a collection of pre retirement tradesmen in a school like environment, then the last three years in the various workshops, ships and submarines that made up the bulk of work engaged at Codock.

Cockatoo Island is the largest island in Sydney Harbour and has an incredible history for both First Nations people and Colonists. The island was an active shipyard from 1857 until 1991 and the Wiki page is a good place to start for the history of Cockatoo Island.

The images in this film show buildings and machinery still in tact at Cockatoo Island. Some of the machine shop machines I have actually used and they remain more or less in the exact spot they were in the machine shop in the early 1980’s.

Codock. Snapshot live

Codock performed live in my Coburg studio in January 2022

Moon. Snapshot live

Moon performed live in my studio in January 2022. More about Moon here.

Eyesight. Snapshot live

Eyesight performed live in my studio January 2022. More about Eyesight here.