Rat Kangaroo

Rat Kangaroo is a Melbourne based band comprised of Mark Tallon (vocals/occasional electronics), Andrew Garton (Keyboards/guitar/electronics/ backing vocal) and Chip Wardale (bass guitar/rhythm programming/backing vocal). Formed in 2017.

Rat Kangaroo at Red Betty, Brunswick, Melbourne 2018. Image by David Nerlich.

The music is best described as post punk groove, and is very much a collaborative effort. Most songs originate with arrangements of bass guitar grooves and programmed drums, then progress to guitar or keys layers once the music gets aired in our rehearsal space. Ideas can be developed in isolation from there, and exchanged via file sharing, until the next gathering where they often morph yet again.

Lyrics are written by Mark, following ideas conceived or improvised in the rehearsal studio.

Rat Kangaroo has recently completed a recording project that captures it’s first cluster of related songs (Weight Of The Head, Stress In The Jaw, Out Of Mind, Trash Radio), and is currently tracking in the studio for a second cluster (Freaks In The Drain, Crack O Doom, The Downfall, The Ballad Of King Kong). The first EP is a rocking post punk collection representing a fairly traditional form, whereas the second EP has a more industrial mood accentuated by electronic percussion sounds and a darker undertone. These two EPs will be released as a double EP in July 2019.

Rat Kangaroo make DIY music video.

Stress In The Jaw V1, and Out Of Mind V1 by Chip Wardale