Concerning Elements

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 9:58 am

Wardale 007.

Improvised soundtrack created live by myself with Adrian Symes, Mark Tallon and Andrew Garton.

Documents the creation of 4 paintings by Adrian.

We are concerned about the elements. They are getting wilder and we have to get used to it. There’s fires and floods abound in Australia, and this piece is a response to outrageous climatic pressures, if not catastrophes.

Adrian the observer records his vision on canvas, and in a night of spontaneous musical mayhem, we four provide a chaotic urban reflection.

While Victoria burns Queensland drowns, and in Melbourne we watch and listen to reports. Not the first – and not the last, of a check on mortality and irrelevance.

Mark plays turntable and voice, Andrew: guitar, Adrian: samples and sounds. I play bass guitar, and also coordinate recording etc. After our session we moved on to a gig, and aimfully wandered around the city streets.

Adrians visual art features also in Like A Bad Dream. See also a painting created by Che in Through Claires Would.

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