An Iniquitous Action

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 at 7:58 am

Alchemy 003

Tina Aldridge: Hammered dulcimer, Chip Wardale: synths, sequencer, field recording, sampling.

Created from images on slide film for back projection during live performance. Images are from San Fransisco, Hong Kong, Edinburgh and Melbourne. Field recordings from these locations are used in the composition, as featured on the 2002 CD release Portals. Recordings of an elevator, amusement arcades, St Petersburg Brass Band and more, add to a music of some psychosis, quite deep and dark.

Inpired by personal experience and observations from society, where people are cruel and malicious. We get on pretty well on the whole, but sometimes treat each other with utter contempt and disrespect.

An iniquitous action.
An incursive move.
Like the stone-filled carriage. Baggage.
Covered wagons.

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