Black Ambient performance 2010. L-R Andrew Garton, Chip Wardale, Adrian Symes. Image by Judy Racz.

I have been learning about and making music since 1977. I have loved music as long as I can remember. I bought my first LP record in 1974 when I was 9 (David Bowie…), and now have an extensive collection of mainly good music, though I am not a music collector.

My brother gave me instruction books for guitar and that has lead me towards a path of self learning, with help at times from friends and mentors. I have a good understanding of music theory, though I cant sight read. My principal instrument is bass guitar, though I am a capable percussionist, and able to make some kind of music with almost anything. I like to use field recording, and sound captured from sources such as old records and the internet.

I have written in many genres from ambient to street punk, and performed in inner city pubs, exotic resorts, outdoor markets and festivals. I have written for film, theatre and multimedia, and presented workshops to young people in sound design and composition.

Since 2004 my focus has been on composing music for my screenart work, much of which is available through this site. I have released 6 CDs  and 4 limited edition CDs  with Alchemy, been featured on several released compilations, and have many hours of recorded work from the ensembles and bands I’ve worked with. Some of this is presented on this site also, the very early work recorded on whatever cassette deck was available………

My studio has digital music recording and HD video editing capability. My instruments include electric and acoustic guitar, 4 string electric bass, 5 string electric fretless bass, 2 synthesisers, various hand percussion and drum kit, collection of hand made custom hand drums, hand made hammered dulcimer, hand made lyre and Appalachian dulcimer.

I love to listen to good songwriting, ambient, jazz punk, early punk, art punk, avant rock, some ‘world’ music, improvised jazz and some electronic. I would never restrict myself in this regard. I find music from any genre can touch me, and usually I know why.

I am a collaborator.