Black Ambient

Black Ambient is dark ambient music made by Chip Wardale, utilising a combination of acoustic instruments (lyre, hammered dulcimer, guitar, percussion), electronic instruments (synthesiser, electronic drumkit), field recordings, found and made objects, and archival recordings. The music is evocative, and inspired by searching ideas on the nature of humanity.

The music is usually represented visually by an accompanying film as is the case for all the pieces on this website. Black Ambient has only existed once as a live performance with projected films. On that occasion the lineup consisted of Adrian Symes on saxophones, field recording loops and treatments, Andrew Garton on treated guitar, Kate Adam on electric bass and small percussion, Paul Irving on electronic and metal percussion and Chip Wardale on hammered dulcimer.


The images below link to Black Ambient music videos.

Guilt                                                                Faith                                                                Harvest

guilt stillfaithstillharvest2


Pulse                                                                Lines                                                             Wired